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January in Lassen County Means Fun

Filed under: Lassen County Attractions — LW user @ 9:12 pm December 29, 2014

January is right around the corner. Whether you are living in the Lassen County or visiting, there is a lot going on! Here are some events that are happening this January:

Susanville Elks Lodge Monday Night Football & Taco Feed. Every Monday this month from 5:00 PM-8:00 PM at the Susanville Elks Lodge. For more information, visit or call (530)257-4810. (more…)

Winter Recreation in Lassen County

Filed under: Lassen County Attractions — Tags: , , — LW user @ 11:04 pm November 18, 2014

Lassen County has exceptional snowmobile trailsIf you are looking for something fun for the whole family to do this winter, head to the Lassen National Forest! With winter coming the time has come to dust off the skid and snowshoes and plan a vacation. As of December 26, snowmobiles and skis will take over traveling routes and vehicles will be restricted in those areas for safe use. (more…)

The Bizz Johnson Trail, a wonderful experience

Filed under: Lassen County Attractions — LW user @ 5:14 am August 6, 2014

Explore a beautiful and modern trail in Lassen CountyThe Bizz Johnson Trail is along the Susan River in Lassen County. If you like to take your RV on vacation and explore the wonders of the great outdoors, then this destination is great for all sorts of family activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, wildflower viewing, wildlife watching and bird watching.

Following along the old Southern Pacific railroad route, this trail winds 25.4 miles beginning at Susanville and ending at Mason Station. During the first 16 miles, you are traveling along the beautiful Susan River. After, the trail winds through the rugged Susan River Canyon. This beautiful scenery crosses the river 12 times going through tunnels and on bridges and trestles. As you look out, you are surrounded by forests of pine and fir. The trail also leads you through an area of a semi-arid canyon. Toward the end, the trail follows several roads for 4.5 miles leading into Westwood, where you will run into a railroad station kiosk and the famous redwood carved stature of Paul Bunyan. (more…)

Why Lake Almanor and Lassen County are Favorite Destinations for RVs

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Lake Almanor has exceptional fishing_smallAre you an RV enthusiast? Are you looking for a history-rich, park like and exciting RV park to stay while you explore the local attractions and outdoor beauty of Northern California? Lake Almanor has a long history in the pursuit of recreational activities. To escape Sacramento’s hot summers, people have been coming to Lake Almanor since the early 1860s.

Lake Almanor has much to offer!

With 52 miles of shoreline, (more…)

How Close Can You Get To Nature in Lassen County

Filed under: Lassen County Attractions — LW user @ 6:40 am July 3, 2014

During a routine patrol of Lake Almanor, this Sheriff Deputy had a very close encounter with a Bald Eagle. Take a few minutes to watch this amazing video, and get a sense of the nature you can enjoy in and around West Lassen County.

Looking for a Great RV Park in Northern California?

Filed under: Lassen County Attractions — Tags: — LW user @ 5:51 pm July 2, 2014

IMG_4522Northern California is a wonderful place to visit with many outdoor wonders, interesting historical areas, fantastic recreational opportunities and wonderful people. However, did you know that Lassen County is one of the best-kept secrets of Northern California? That’s why we created Lassen West Village in the historic mountain town of Westwood. (more…)