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Getting Your RV Ready for Spring in Lassen County

Filed under: Lassen West Village — LW user @ 5:38 am March 2, 2015

rv in storageSpring is the perfect season for RVing and camping. This gorgeous season is also right around the corner, which means that it’s time to prepare for family and friend adventures. Once you get your RV prepared, then you are ready for spring, summer and fall trips.

RVers who store their RVs during the winter months need to thoroughly inspect the RV inside and out. Check the tires, taillights, headlights and all other working parts- this includes the engine. Since many of us are not mechanically inclined, it may be a good idea to have your engine checked by a professional before taking any trips.

Make sure all cabinets are secure, there are no water leaks, all appliances are working and batteries are in good condition. Insects can be an issue for RVs sitting a long time, so check for nests and other types of insect infestations.

When you are sure your RV is ready to go, you should stock up on the necessities for a great RVing trip. Some things you might need include camping materials. Tarp is a valuable thing to bring along. You can lay it outside the RV so that no one transfers dirt into the RV. A mat at the door will also help with this.

Have plenty of sleeping bags, blankets and pillows packed. Ensure all cooking gear is ready to go. Make sure everything is clean and ready to be used. If you are using a propane cooktop, make sure you have enough propane for the entire trip.

Map your route and research the weather before leaving and you are ready for a great RV season!

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Rod Kellar is an experienced professional in the hospitality industry. He has managed several Casino and Resort facilities and is now turning his expertise to his second love of RVing. He is an avid history buff and loves the great outdoors, all of which help him promote the many spectacular attractions in and around Lassen County.