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Nearby Lassen County Attractions and Activities

Lassen Village West is close to a wide variety of outdoor attractions, from the historic village of Westwood to the beautiful waters of Lake Almanor. Come and enjoy our nature wonderland from the comfort of your own RV or one of our luxurious cabins!

Westwood, California

the historic town of Westwood has many attractionsWestwood is a quaint little logging town from the turn of the last century. The Red River Logging Company was the founder and owner of much of what you see today. This Minnesota logging company brought with it the latest technology and the legend of Paul Bunyon. Come explore the charms of this historic and picturesque town.  Read More of Westwood…

Paul Bunyon Mountain Festival hosted by the Westwood Area Chamber of Commerce.   2014 Paul Bunyon Mountain Festival, read more….

Westwood Museum A must see! Westwood Museum holds the town of Westwood history from the very beginning. read more….

Nearby Lakes

Lake AlmanorDiscover the exceptional fishing, boating and recreational opportunities of Lake Almanor,  Eagle Lake and Mountain Meadows. Read More about these lakes…


Belfast Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs of Lassen CountyBetween Susanville and Litchfield, located at the Belfast and Willow Creek area you will find messages from ancient people. Carved into the rocks are picture petroglyphs left there by Native Americans starting around 2000 years ago. Read More about the Belfast Petroglyphs…

Snowmobile Trails

Discover the world famous snowmobile trails of Lassen County. Read more…


Lassen County bicycle trailsThe Bizz Johnson trail is 25.4 miles long and was named after Harold T. “Bizz” Johnson who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1958 to 1980. Congressman Johnson was responsible  for the successful establishment of this Rails to Trails project. Read More about the Biz Johnson Bicycle Trail…