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Historic Westwood California

Westwood is a quaint little logging town from the turn of the last century.

The Legend of Paul Bunyon

the historic town of Westwood has many attractionsThe Red River Logging Company was the founder and owner of much of what you see today. This Minnesota logging company brought with it the latest technology and the legend of Paul Bunyon. While many locals claim the origination of Paul Bunyon, The Red River Logging Company appears to be the original source of these fables. In 1916 the company produced a pamphlet titled “meet Mr. Paul Bunyon”.

As part of a marketing campaign the company bought the character Of Paul Bunyon from a writer named Mr. Laughead. Mr Laughead was a copy writer who had spent a fair amount of time living in logging camps throughout the west collecting stories. Mr Lauhead drew somewhat on the work of a writer named Mr.McGullivey who published the first story of Paul Bunyon in 1906.

Babe the blue ox does not appear in any stories before the 1916 pamphlet, making Babe the blue ox at the least the creation of Mr. Laughead. This pamphlet was widely circulated, at least in California, after that the story took on a life of its own being told over and over around campfires to scores of Boy Scouts everywhere. By the 1920’s there were many comic book/ dime novels in circulation.

The legend has only grown over the years as he is now credited (in folklore at least) with forming the Grand Canyon by dragging His Blue Ox across the landscape, Niaraga Falls, the 10,000 lakes of Wisconsin and many other tall tales and a fellow described as everything from 8 ft to 94.5 tall.

Today the roar of blue ox’s dragging logs out of the woods is no more. Westwood is now one of the gateways to another American icon and that High Sierras. A recreational experience that is second to none.

Things to do in Westwood

LassenWestVillage14What does our wonderful little Mountain village have to offer outdoor enthusiast? First off, Westwood and the surrounding areas are located in the High Sierras. There are few places in America that mean so much to so many people in so many different ways. The Sierras are a phenomenon of the world all by themselves. The Sierras are as familiar as Abe Lincoln and apple pie. This is the Golden California that the 49ers and the rest of our ancestors who followed were looking for when they came west. The High Sierras will touch your soul one way or another for the better.

Lake Almanor view of Mt LasssenFor the more practical down to earth modern day Argonauts there is an abundance of lakes, streams, and rivers for fishing, boating, skiing, tubing, kayaking, swimming and sunbathing. In the mountains there is 300,000 acres of wilderness for superb hiking, unforgettable hunting, world class fishing and off-roading for the stout hearted adventurer. Then there is the winter wonderland adventures including Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and downhill skiing nearby.

In the summer there are many street fairs, festivals and concerts across the region. Some of the street fairs attract thousands from across the west for two days of arts and crafts, food and fun in the warm mountain sun. Lake Almanor is a summertime mecca for the rich and poor alike, A testament to the area having something for everybody!

Westwood Museum  A must see!  Westwood Museum holds the town of Westwood history from the very beginning. Discover the Westwood Museum, view more here…..

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