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View of Lake Almanor_smallLake Almanor is located in a basin between the high sierras and the end of the cascade mountain range. The fishing is superb, the scenery is unforgettable and the variety of playful pastimes covers just about everything in the outdoor arena.

Fishing at Lake Almanor

Has a great variety of sports fish, including rainbow and brown trout, king salmon, and small mouth bass. There are other types of fish, such as catfish and smelt in the lake.

Areas to fish at Lake Almanor

During the spring months the water gets warmer and, fishing starts to get hot. Anglers do well around the Big Springs Cove, and both sides of the peninsula .the dam produces some good fishing. You might try trolling the face of the dam or shore fish the east shore.  

Other places to fish on the lake are, The Hamilton Branch, all of the river and stream inlets, the powerhouse and the jetties at Prattville. .Bass fishing can be found both at the south and north shore. Try fishing by the stumps on the south shore and the rocky banks on the north shore.


Eagle Lake is the second largest natural lake in California. Eagle Lake is home to a fast growing species of trout that provides much of the backbone of planted fish throughout the regional lakes. Eagle Lake needless to say is an angler’s paradise. The lake is at an elevation of 5100 feet and is 22,000 acres and has 100 miles of shoreline.  Eagle Lake has a verity of fish including Bass, Brown Trout and the famous Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout which are known for their feistiness.


Mountain Meadows is a man-made reservoir known locally as Walker Lake. This beautiful mountain lake is a bit off the beaten path, in that not a lot of people throng to this body of water like they do Lake Almador and Eagle Lake. For those who like to feel like they’re getting away from it all, Mountain Meadows provide the kind of relief they are looking for.